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13 Moons is a journey. 

A journey to discover femininity in its diverse expressions.​ Immersing in the life of one woman from a rural community in different countries. Sharing their houses, duties, food. Discovering how they perceive and explore their own womanhood.

13 Moons is a dive.


A deep dive into "the other".​​ Closely and emotionally experiencing a reality often seen only by distance. Finding the delicate, the strong, the vulnerable, the tough, the subtle and the potent in places where only submission and powerlessness are usually portrayed.

13 Moons is a bridge.


A bridge that unites separate worlds.​​ It connects women. Women of different colors, ages, religions, cultures, social classes. It bonds. It unifies through compassion. Through empathy. It triggers attention to the other.


13 Moons is an homage.


An ardent homage to the feminine in its universality. Its vibration, colors and voices. Its dance. Its essence.

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