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Before diving into 13 Moons Project, I held my Masters in Development Studies from University of Sussex (UK) and worked for 6 years with social policy in the Government of Brazil, World Bank and DFID, implementing social programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

During our "missions" to countries, we would visit communities and I kept looking at those women villagers. Back then I still did not know the strenght I had as a woman. My power. It was those villagers who lightened me up. I was there, in those poor communities, to help them. But they were the ones who taught me.

I realized that I needed more contact. Find them, to find me. So I went backpacking for one year, diving both into the outside and inside worlds. When I returned, I discovered that my path was the feminine. To understand it, to experiment it and to heal it. And so I created the 13 Moons Project.

Since then, I have found myself increasingly intrigued by and worshiper of being a woman.

More info on my personal site:

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